Armstrong Submission and Gracie Barra Teaching Life Lessons and Sport to All

Armstrong Submissions / Gracie Barra Chatham owner Thomas Armstrong is the kind of guy you want to learn from. His background and lineage in jiu-jitsu and submission self defense is second to none in the Southwestern Ontario area. The fact that he gained a Gracie Barra affiliation for his school is proof positive that his technical skills and teaching are at the elite level.

“Armstrong Submissions just got our affiliation with Gracie Barra which is the largest jiu-jitsu organization in the world.”

Those in the know in this sport realize that Gracie and jiu-jitsu are two names that are synonymous with knowledge. I had just witnessed Armstrong’s student Justin Steele pull off an impressive victory and Steele gave a display of technical prowess in his win

However, it isn’t the technical prowess of Armstrong that strikes you when you meet him though, It’s his calm and cool demeanor, and when I asked him to tell me about the Armstrong / Gracie Barra philosophy it only got better from there.

“Our philosophy is jiu-jitsu is for everyone. Every age, good for kids good for the elderly as you can learn self defense, break falls and stuff like that. It teaches hands on, real life and it’s good for sport too.”

The fact that he mentioned jiu-jitsu as a sport last really says all you need to know about his school and philosophy. You don’t have to be an elite, flexible athlete to participate in this sport. All ages, sizes, shapes and genders can learn and benefit from the values of “jits.”

Armstrong has been studying for six years and has his purple belt under Fateh Balkalem of Gracie Barra London and Bruno Fernandes of Gracie Barra Montreal who is also George St-Pierre’s jiu-jitsu coach.

Armstrong submission has fully qualified instructors in Muay Thai and Mixed martial arts as well and its impressive that Chatham Kent can boast some serious quality trainers and schools.

Below is a video of Thomas Armstrong discussing Armstrong Submission and Gracie Barra:


Here is some more information on Armstrong Submissions / Gracie Barra. Be sure to check it out!

They offer classes in:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gi) & Submission Fighting (No-Gi) coached Thomas Armstrong
Kids & Jr Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gi Only) coached by Thomas Armstrong
Muay Thai Kickboxing coached by Jay Hallatt & Mark Bachynski
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) coached by Josh “The Ripper” Rich
Womens Only Kickboxing/Fitness coached by Thomas Armstrong
Assistant coaches BJJ Justin Steele, Rob Alderdon

Fighting – in a broader definition – is as natural to human beings as eating or drinking. It is a basic human need and a natural impulse that allows us to survive; or thrive towards the realization of our dreams. Simulating a real fight under controlled circumstances allows individuals to reconnect and understand themselves more fully. They learn to read their instincts and fuel action with passion for survival, combining logic with intuition for the achievement of their goals. They learn that the basic principles for success on the mats are the same for success in life.

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