Chatham Skaters Shine in Waterloo

Members of the Chatham Skating Club attended the Skate Canada Western Ontario Starskate Championships this past weekend, February 24-26 in Waterloo.

In the StarSkate Bronze Triathlon event, Jacqueline Sereda had a strong 3rd place finish in her Creative Skills, 4th place in her Interpretive and placed 9th in her FreeSkate, giving her an overall placement of 5th place in this difficult category.

During the StarSkate Gold Interpretive flights, Ryley Goodhand placed 4th and Madelyn Alexander finished 5th in their respective flights.

Jenna Vandeneynde placed 6th during StarSkate Silver Interpretive.

While at the StarSkate Bronze Interpretive flights, Olivia Stallaert landed on the podium with her Gold Medal and Hannah Ross took home the Silver Medal during their respective flights.

The final Interpretive event was StarSkate Introductory Interpretive Men; Zachary Stallaert and Benjamin Alexander both claimed Gold and Silver Medals respectively.

During the StarSkate Preliminary Ladies events, Jessica Rummery stood centre podium with her Gold Medal, Brianna LaChance captured the Silver Medal and Hannah Ross received the Bronze Medal; all in their own respective flights.

While at the StarSkate Preliminary Men event, Zachary Stallaert received the Bronze Medal and Benjamin Alexander placed 6th.

The StarSkate Pre-preliminary Ladies flights saw 2 Chatham skaters: Brooke MacLeod took home the Silver Medal and Amanda Couture placed 7th, each in their respective flights.

In the new WO Development Intro Level Men flight, Joshua Andari captured the Gold Medal.

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