OHA Institutes Registration Fee For All Junior Hockey Players

Local Junior hockey players in the Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League and Greater Ontario Junior B Hockey League will no longer get a free ride next season when it comes to playing.

Traditionally, following minor hockey, no registration fees were charged by junior hockey teams, however, after a decision at the OHA Annual General Meeting, all players competing for an OHA junior hockey team will now be charged a $300 league registration fee.

The move was voted on in an effort to reduce team fees, putting the onus on the players. This means each player suiting up for local Junior C and B teams next season will be forced to pay the $300 fee, or team’s will need to absorb the loss.

Also decided at the OHA Annual General Meeting was next season’s officers, which will include Chatham’s Wayne Schnabel (Vice Chairman) and Mitchell’s Bay’s John Kopinak (Immediate Past Chairman).

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