7 Gold For Chatham Skaters

Members of the Chatham Skating Club attended the John McKay Memorial Invitational Skating Competition in Tillsonburg this past weekend, Nov. 23-25. 11 Chatham skaters came home with 10 medals; 7-Gold, 1-Silver and 2-Bronze.

McKay was a Chatham native whose distinguished contributions to the figure skating world were recognized with awards internationally, nationally and locally. He is a member of the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame and was inducted into our own Chatham Sports Hall of Fame in 2003.

In the Interpretive events, Olivia Stallaert showcased herself to capture the Gold Medal in StarSkate Silver Interpretive. While at the Starskate Introductory Interpretive Men event, Joshua Andari skated away with the Gold Medal and Zachary Stallaert followed behind with the Silver Medal. During the StarSkate Gold Interpretive event, Paige Newman received the Bronze Medal.

Gabrielle Doey stood centre podium with her Gold Medal during StarSkate Pre-Preliminary while Emily Zimmer received the Bronze Medal, each during their own respective flights.

While at the WO Preliminary event, Elyse Gregory and Olivia Hunter each captured Gold Medals, while Rihana Kukkadi placed 7th, during their own respective flights.

Emma McGrail placed 4th during the WO Pre-Preliminary event.

During the Development events; Zachary Stallaert took the Gold Medal at the Level 2 Men event, while Joshua Andari skated away with another Gold Medal at the Level 1 Men event. Brooke MacLeod had a 4th place finish during the Level 2 Ladies event.

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