Chatham Y Pool Sharks Moving Up

Chatham – It’s official. Chatham Y Pool Sharks can hold their own on the Ontario swimming stage.

The Sharks are just back from battling it out with other swim clubs at the Division 3 Championship meet in Etobicoke. They swam against larger clubs from bigger cities and fought hard to make it back into Division 2. This has been a goal of the Sharks for the past several years.

“We have always been a Division 2 club, but over the past several years had slipped to Division 3. Our athletes swam so hard to get us back to where we belong. We are a top club in Ontario and now we have proven it again”, noted Head, Coach Kyle Pinsonneault.

Moving up a division in the swimming ranks means more opportunities for local swimmers and more credibility for the club. For swimmers looking for scholarships this helps their chances and it also helps clubs to recruit athletes.

“For Chatham this is important because we have proven that athletes from smaller cities are just as fast as those from larger areas. It keeps us inspired and shows that small communities can produce excellent swimmers. It was amazing to see our swimmers take on swimmers from the larger Toronto clubs and and do exceptionally well”, commented Pinsonneault

The team members achieved many personal bests including a Eastern National cut for Calli Harrigan, another national cut for Maddison Broad, and new provincial cuts for Matthew Eddington and Genevieve Sasseville. These new cuts are in addition to the regional, provincial and national times already achieved by Pool Shark swimmers this year.

The Chatham Y Pool Sharks have swimmers competing at the regional, provincial, and national levels and has a 40 + year history in Chatham as a not-for-profit swim club. For information on how to become a Pool Shark, visit our website at

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