Cobra’s Taekwondo Dominate Midwest Championships

Keegan Kovar, Brandon Benoit, and Coach Ryan Formosa – Submitted Photo

Keegan Kovar and Brandon Benoit represented Cobra’s Taekwondo and Canada at the Midwest Taekwondo Championships held in Canton, Michigan on December 01. Teams from Florida, California, Illinois, New York, Texas, Ohio, Michigan and a few other states competed at this game. Costa Rica also brought their national team down to compete.

Keegan (7) competed in the 6 – 7 year old green to blue stripe division. He won gold in the poomsae(patterns) competition. In the sparring competition he had 3 matches, winning each. Scores for his matches was 6-2, 11-0 and the finals 5-3 to earn gold.

Brandon (9) competed in the 8 – 9 year old white belt to green stripe division. He also had 3 matches and won each match. Match 1 and 2 were stopped after the 1st round due to Brandon point gapping his opponents, 15-1 and 14-1. In the finals he also won by point gap, this time ending the match early in the 2nd round with a score of 15-3 to earn gold. (Point gap is where there is a 12 point difference between the players. No matter the score the match must atleast complete the first round.)

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