Wallaceburg Pool Saved, But For How Long?

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s Council voted 17-1 last night at the first night of the 2013 budget deliberations to remove the Wallaceburg/Sydenham Pool from the budget chopping block.

“Council just voted to remove the cut to the Wallaceburg pool from 2013 budget and leave it in the service review process,” Wallaceburg Councillor Sheldon Parsons wrote to the public on a Facebook page dedicated to advocating for the Sydenham Pool. “That’s the first step and a helpful one.”

The pool’s fate will now be involved in the three year, Service Sustainability Review Process, which council green lighted in June to examine what services the Municipality should continue to provide, and to what extent.

Councillor Parsons also stated it was important to hearing feedback from Wallaceburg residents prior to the budget deliberations, and that the comments provided by the community helped make the decision an easy one for council, “Thanks to all who provided their experiences and feelings around the pool and what it means to them and the community. Te input has a significant effect on councils decision. Reading the many emails was a heartwarming experience. Your input and support made Jeff and my job just a little bit easier.”

With the decision regarding the fate of Wallaceburg’s pool postponed, residents and council will now need to show value and increased usage of the pool during the service review, in order to continue to protect the recreational process.

It is unsure when the pool will be discussed as a part of the Service Sustainability Review Process. Continue to follow CKSN for updates on this situation.

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