Black History Month – Chatham-Kent Sports Edition

Fergie Jenkins being honoured by Canada Post – Photo by Ian Kennedy/

This month, the Chatham-Kent Sports Network will celebrate Black History Month by telling the stories of influential team’s and athletes from Chatham-Kent’s black community.

Chatham-Kent’s Black Historical sites, including Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and South Buxton National Historic Site, are some of the country’s most visited, and are an integral part of Chatham-Kent’s history and culture. With February serving as Black History Month across Canada, we hope our readers will enjoy and appreciate hearing stories of some of Chatham-Kent’s black athletes and teams.

This month, we will feature Eddie Wright, Fergie Jenkins, the Chatham Giants, the 1934 Chatham Colored All-Stars, Wilfred “Boomer” Harding, and Earl “Flat” Chase.

If you have a story involving one of Chatham’s black athletes, teams, or black history, or you’d like to contribute in any way to our celebration of Black History in Chatham-Kent, please email or use our Contact Form.

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