Chatham Skaters Medal and Qualify for Provincials

The Chatham Skating Club attended the 2013 Western Ontario StarSkate Championships on February 22-24, in Aylmer. Chatham brought back 7 Medals. Skaters who qualify with a medal in certain eligible categories, will advance to the 2013 Skate Ontario Starskate Championships in Fort Erie, on March 22-24.

In Pre-Juvenile (under 14) Women, Hannah Ross landed centre podium with the Gold Medal.

In StarSkate Pre-preliminary Women, Emily Zimmer also skated away with the Gold Medal.

While during the StarSkate Preliminary Women event, Brooke MacLeod captured the Bronze Medal. Joshua Andari took home the Silver Medal as he skated in the Men’s StarSkate Preliminary event.

Paige Newman showed her talents in StarSkate Gold Triathlon, as she placed 3rd each time in the Skills, Interpretive and FreeSkate events, landing her on the podium with the overall Bronze Medal.

During Starskate Junior Bronze Women, Jessica Rummery placed 5th.

At the StarSkate Interpretive events, Elyse Gregory brought home the Gold Medal in Pre-Introductory Interpretive Women, while Hannah Ross received her second medal, a Bronze, in Bronze Interpretive Women.

Two skaters qualified and will advance to the Ontario Provincial Championships in March. Paige Newman and Hannah Ross will represent the Western Ontario Section in their respective categories.

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