Chatham Thunder Find Silver Lining

U10 Chatham Thunder

Chatham Canadian Tire U-10 Thunder ringette brought home a Silver medal this past weekend from the Guelph predators annual tournament. It was a hard fought battle against the host team defeating them Saturday but coming up short in the medal game. Below is a summary of each game:

Game 1: Chatham 10 – Sudbury 1
Chloe Crone lead the way with a hat trick to defeat the girls from the north. Emilie Newman and Kaitlyn Sammon both netted 2 each. Singles were added by Delaney George, Martina Legere, and Leah Thompson. Assists from Sophie Horbin, George, Newman, Shelby Ritzer, and Kylyn (Crusher) Murphy set up the plays.

Game 2: Chatham 12 – Cambridge 1
A scoring bonanza from the forwards led by Martina Legere with 3. Two goals from Chloe Crone, Delaney George, and Emilie Newman and singles from Natasha Anderson, Leah Thompson, and Kaitlyn (Rosie) Warner finished off the game. Assists from Crone (3), Shelby Ritzer(3), Newman(3), Warner (2) Murphy, and George showed the crowd that Chatham works together as a team!

Game 3: Chatham 8 – Guelph 4
In the game leading up to the gold medal match Chatham came out flying setting Guelph back on their heels with a flurry of goals led by Emilie Newman with a hat trick. Natasha Anderson added two and singles by George, Kaitlyn Sammon, and Thompson finished off the game. Assists from Legere(2) George, and Murphy set up the goals.

Game 4: (Gold Medal Game) Chatham 1 – Guelph 3
Natasha Anderson scored Chatham’s lone goal in a hard fought battle with Guelph. The host team’s defence put on a spectacular effort shutting down Chatham’s offence. Chatham’s goaltender for all games Avery Haines was outstanding throughout the tourneyment and stopped a barrage of shots in the medal game.

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