Gracie Barra Fighters Win 8 Medals at Junior Combat Classic

Gracie Barra Chatham fighters at the Junior Combat Classic – Submitted Photo

wonGracie Barra Chatham students competed at the Junior Combat Classic Western Regional Championships as part of London’s Health and Recreation Show on February 23 at the Western Fairgrounds. Gracie Barra Chatham students fought in a total of 8 divisions winning 8 medals.

Sawyer King competed in beginner under 99.9 lbs age 10-12 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu winning Gold in his division.

Kayne Abrams fought in under 79.9 beginner age 10-12, he won Gold in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Silver in No-gi Submission Fighting.

Chase Mason competed in Advanced under 130 lbs age 13-15 division winning Bronze in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission fighting brackets.

Conner Garton fought in under 50 lbs Intermediate age 7 under and placed Bronze in Brazilian jiu Jitsu.

Mytchell Barnes competed in 59.9 intermediate age 9 under Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and placed Bronze as well as No-gi Submission Fighting and placed Silver.

Also a part of the H and F show in London was a 16 Man Showdown on the Sunday February 24 which is tournament style no weight or experience limitation event. GB Chatham superstar Justin Steele entered the event.

Steele dominated the first match with a 15 second Armbar submission. In the second match, Steele Knee barred Randy Powell, a Purple belt BJJ. Steele got caught in third round by an ankle lock then recovered in his forth match beating Cory Lee, winner of last years event, and Brown Belt BJJ by triangle choke. Justin Steele Bronze in the event at 17 years old and Blue Belt BJJ.

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