Steele Wins Three Gold at Arnolds

Justin Steele at the Arnolds – Submitted Photo

Justin Steele of Gracie Barra Chatham fought at the Arnold Games in Columbus, Ohio March 2-3.

Steele dominated the event winning three Gold and one Bronze. In 2012 when he competed at the Arnold’s he won 5 Gold and 1 Silver. This year, they would only allow him to compete in 2 divisions per day.

Saturday was No Gi (Submission Fighting) where Steele won Gold in Teen Advanced division then Bronze in Adult Purple Belt No Gi division.

Sunday, Steele won Gold in Blue belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Teen division, then Gold in Adult Blue Belt BJJ. He compiled a record of 6-1 for tournament, with five submissions, one referees decision, and a loss by submission.

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