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Contributed Photo

We’re always trying to improve our coverage, reach out to new corners of Chatham-Kent, new organizations, and new sports, but to do so, we need your help.

We’re looking for contributors to CKSN. Here’s where we need help. If you think you can write, snap photos, or you have a team or athlete you’d like us to write about, please email

  • Photos: If your son, daughter, cousin, niece, or friend plays a sport, send us a photo! We’d love to see them in action, and we’d love to publish the photo as a part of a story, or on its own. If someone wins a championship, or you catch a great action shot, please send it our way. We’d love to celebrate the success of our teams and athletes by published a photo of yours!
  • Articles/Scores/News: Think you can write? Notice we haven’t been publishing articles about your son or daughters team or organization? Help us out. Sometimes we don’t know about their team, and we need your help getting stats, and news. In particular, we need more articles from rural Chatham-Kent communities including Ridgetown, Tilbury, Dresden, Wheatley, and Blenheim. We’ve got some areas nailed down, but we’re still looking for help. Have sports news or a tip, email us!
  • Editorial/Opinions: Do you think there’s too much violence in hockey? Are you fed up with the cost of local ice time? Write us. We would love to publish your letters as long as their sports and recreation related. Or, do you have an opinion on pro sports? Equity in sports? Major issues? And you think you can write? We’d love to publish your work and give you credit. This is a great opportunity for someone hoping to go into journalism or who just loves writing!
  • Anything else you want: Have an idea? Can you draw and want to do a weekly sports cartoon? Do you have an idea for a column or feature on CKSN? Tell us about it. I bet we’ll love it and want you to contribute.

CKSN is a community driven sports news website. We’re here to promote our local teams, athletes, and organizations. To do the best job possible though, we need, and want, your help. If you have an idea, or something to contribute, please email

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