Three Gold For Local Taekwondo Competitors

PCT-2013PCT (Petrolia/Cobra’s Team) recently competed at the Niagara Open June 15th at the Gale Centre in Niagara Falls. Niagara Open was sanctioned by the Ontario Taekwondo Association (O.T.A.).

Oceana Doxtator (15) competed in the junior black belt 15-17 years old division. This was her first tournament back after just over a year break from competitions. Showing no rust at all, she won her first match 9-1 and her final match 5-3 to win gold.

Keegan Kovar(7) competed in the 7-8 years blue to red stripe division. Keegan had a dominate performance winning his first match 9-0 and overpowering his opponent in the finals to win gold where the other coach threw the towel in early in round one.

Jewelian Blackbird competed in the Olympic cadet black belt division 13-14 years old. There was only 1 other athlete in this division. Like her teammates Jewelian also had a strong game as she ended her match mid second round by point gap with a score 23-9 to take gold. Oceana, Keegan and Jewelian train at Cobra’s Taekwondo Training Centre in Chatham and are trained and coached by Ryan Formosa.

Joining them at the Niagara Open were 6 teammates from Petrolia Taekwondo all making the podium. The Petrolia team is trained and coached by Master Mark Warburton.

Cobra’s Taekwondo Training Centre and Blackbird are still seeking and thank the current sponsors for the Junior Pan-Am Championships that she qualified for back in May, ranking #1 in Canada for her division.

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