Laprise Named Co-Main Event For Inaugural PFC Show

Chad Laprise at Xcessive Force

Chad Laprise at Xcessive Force

Chatham born lightweight fighter Chad Laprise has been secured as the co-main event for the first show being put on by the new Ontario based promotion, Provincial Fighting Championships.

PFC Urivaled, has been announced as the first show, and will take place on October 26th at the Western Fair Agriplex in London. The announcement is good news for Ontario fight fans starving for top quality mixed martial arts, as well as local professional fighters such as Laprise, who have been having trouble finding fights in their home province. Laprise is an undefeated seven wins and no losses in his young career, and is looking to gain experience and build momentum towards his ultimate goal of fighting in the UFC.

While I’m sure Laprise is excited for his PFC fight, he has some important business to take care of at the end of September, as he will attend the TUF Canada vs. Australia tryouts in Toronto. TUF Canada vs. Australia is a new installment of the popular reality show will feature some of Canada’s best against Australia’s with teams coached by UFC veterans Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke.

Laprise’s talents and record are already known by the top brass of the UFC, but the tryout presents a great opportunity for him to raise his profile with the biggest club in the world.

“I’m training and going to make weight for my fight in London, and if I get on The Ultimate Fighter that’s great, if I don’t then I fight in London. It’s all speculation too right, no one really knows much right now. Maybe I make The Ultimate fighter and still get to fight for PFC. Depending on when they tape it right, nobody really knows,” Laprise said via phone.

Making the UFC is Laprise’s ultimate goal, and he feels no pressure from PFC to make sure he is available for that show. PFC president Jamie Champion is one hundred percent on side with Laprise.

“Chad’s a great guy, one of the true good guys in the sport and if he makes it on TUF than I am totally happy for him and wish him the best. That is what we are here for really, to provide an opportunity for guys to get to the big show, not hold them back,” Champion stated.

Champion shares the attitude of many of the fight promotions in Ontario that the local, grass roots fighter needs a place to play, and that local shows are integral to the health and growth of the sport. It has been proven time and time again that in Ontario, you don’t run a show to make money and other motivation must prevail.

Laprise has had one fight in 2013 and was forced to travel to Alberta in July to fight for XFFC, where he defeated Derek Boyle via unanimous decision. PFC provides an exciting opportunity for Laprise to pack a house close to home.

“It’s going to be absolutely great to fight in my new home town of London which is not too far away from where I grew up in Chatham. I’m hoping to draw a lot of people from Chatham and London to this show. It’s gonna be huge” Laprise said

Laprise has two teammates and close friends fighting at UFC 165 in Toronto on the same weekend as the TUF tryout, as Chris Clements and Jesse Ronson will both be fighting on the UFC card. He will be in attendance in full support of his friends before heading to the tryout the next day. The work never stop for Laprise as he will head out to the Tristar gym in Montreal immediately following the tryout to finish up his training leading up to the fight.

The next month is a pivotal one for the Chatham native’s career and all things indicate that he is very well prepared for success.

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