Five Questions With Anique Daley

Anique Daley of the Fanshawe Falcons

Anique Daley of the Fanshawe Falcons

Anique Daley is an 18-year-old athlete from Chatham, Ontario. Currently, Anique is suiting up for the Fanshawe College Falcons women’s basketball team.

A John McGregor Panthers alumni, where she starred for McGregor’s basketball and track teams, Daley is studying Fitness and Health at Fanshawe.

Daley also played in the JUEL basketball league last season with St. Clair.

Below are Anique Daley’s answers to CKSN’s Five Questions.

1. What is your career sports highlight/top memory?

So far my highlight memory of basketball has been; winning the Kent finals in my senior year of high school, and also becoming a Fanshawe Falcon.

2. Who is your favorite professional sports team and athlete?

My favourite professional sports team would be the Miami Heat, and athlete would be LeBron James.

3. If you could achieve one thing/goal in sports, what would it be?

If I could achieve one goal in my basketball career it would be, to be at my best. Meaning playing at the next level, being the best I can be, and having fun doing so.

4. Who has been your biggest sports influence and why?

I wouldn’t say I have been influenced by one person. I have been influences by many. Friends, family, and coaches. But mostly coaches, throughout my career I have been coached by different coaches; Ron Brulamont started me off at the elementary level. Then Jeff Branes (OBA), Courtney Bovin (High School Grade 9 & 10), Carrie Carleton (High School Grade 11 & 12). They each brought something different to the table to try and help me better my skills and game and each helped get me to where I am today. However, my coach now Teresa Carriere is teaching me mental sharpness. “The only one stopping you, is you,” is a quote coach Teresa had said to me, and hearing it from her has made an impact on me because she has overcame breast cancer recently and knowing the story behind how she has done so makes me realize, “yes, I’m the only one that is standing between myself and greatness.” If she can overcome such defeating barriers, then why wouldn’t I be able to achieve greatness.

5. What do you love most about playing sports?

What I love most about playing sports is that they allow me to challenge myself, the competitive nature, I have fun playing them, helps me stay in shape, team/individual sense, and I really just enjoy being active with something to do.

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