Lambton and Kent High School Leagues Merging

Blenheim Basketball

Blenheim boys basketball from 2014 – Photo by Kelsey Vermeersch

In a decision made more than a month ago, but only now coming out in media publications, the Kent and Lambton Athletic Associations will merge next year to form a larger high school sporting loop.

While the move won’t impact all sports, many, including hockey, basketball, football, and other sports which feature league play, will see expanded competition.

Chatham-Kent’s schools will now play Sarnia and Lambton County high schools in all league play.

The move will save some leagues, for example football and rugby, which saw fewer teams in competition due to declining enrollment in schools.

Other schools however, will struggle to compete with increased costs associated to longer travel. Other concerns, including additional student and teacher absences from class have also been raised.

This move also comes on the heels of an OFSAA reclassification which will take place in 2015-2016, which will do away with the AAAA classification, and reorganize, based on population, the A, AA, and AAA loops.

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