World Cup Fever In Chatham-Kent

World-Cup-Car-FlagIf you’ve been wondering why most cars on the street are waving a foreign flag, or why a large group of neighbours, clad in orange were screaming “Hup,” it’s not that the world is coming to an end, it’s that the World Cup 2014 is well underway.

With the group stage ending, soccer fans from across Chatham-Kent have been flocking into pubs, homes, and restaurants to watch the action.

“The first round of the FIFA World Cup tournament has already produced some exciting matches,” says Martin Hudon, Manager of the Chatham Boston Pizza. ” We’ve seen a modest increase in traffic, but we find during these types of events that more people come out in the later rounds; the final 16 is full of drama.”

With the final 16 about to begin, local businesses are preparing themselves for increased traffic prior to and during games.

At Boston Pizza, Hudon expects an exciting atmosphere for the remainder of the World Cup games.

“We get the atmosphere going by having matches on multiple TVs, with full volume,” says Hudon. “We’re also giving away FIFA “Rise As One” scarves every game, and also neat collectible FIFA cooler bags through Budweiser, so there’s a lot going on around the tournament. People will definitely be coming out to cheer on their favourite countries.”

The World Cup, which started June 12, will run until July 13.

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