Durston, Shepley Excited For Minto Experience

Joel Shepley - Six Nations Arrows

Joel Shepley playing for the Six Nations Arrows in the OLA finals – Photo by Ward Laforme Jr.

Winning the OLA championship with the Six Nations Arrows was a dream come true for Wallaceburg’s Joel Shepley and Jordan Durston, but they aren’t done dreaming as the duo will travel with Six Nations to Langley, British Columbia for the Minto Cup later this month.

“It’s been a dream come true for me, growing up with role models such as Ben Reume and Jake Kicknosowsy who have gone on to play for the Arrows, I’ve always wanted to follow in their foot steps,” says Durston of playing in the Canadian Junior A championship.

Durston missed the OLA final due to a knee injury, but could return in time for the Minto Cup, which begins August 16.

“Winning an Ontario Championship with Six Nations is very exciting,” added Joel Shepley, who played a defensive role for the Arrows throughout the OLA playoffs. “It’s a top notch organization so to be able to win with them has been a dream come true. Being able to even play for the Minto Cup is a dream in itself. We still have a lot of work to do but hopefully we can bring the Cup home to Wallaceburg.”

Their hometown of Wallaceburg has been supportive through the journey, and Durston and Shepley know they’ll continue to have backing from “the ‘Burg.”

“Being able to have a chance to compete for a Minto Cup is something that I can’t put into words,” says Durston. “The support from the ‘Burg has been unbelievable. They definitely help in my teammates and my quest for the Minto Cup.”

“The support from Wallaceburg has been tremendous,” added Shepley. “There’s been at least a section of Wallaceburg fans cheering us on every playoff game. Hopefully in a couple weeks Jordan and I are coming home Minto Cup Champions.”

Game one of the best-of-seven series takes place August 16 at 8pm, with the Six Nations Arrows facing the Coquitlam Adanacs.

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