Wheatley Sharks Set For Saturday Nights

Wheatley Sharks - Scott Florence

Wheatley’s Scott Florence will be expected to take a big step in his second season with the team. He’ll be able to play in front of Sharks fans on Saturday’s, the teams new home night – Photo by Jocelyn McLaughlin/ CKSN.ca

After years of hosting their home games on Monday nights, the Wheatley Sharks, who play in the Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League, will be moving their home games to Saturday’s.

“The Saturday night move has already been a buzz in the town of Wheatley, in which it seems to have been a long time coming in the eyes of the community,” says Wheatley Sharks general manager Kevin Fisher.

According to Fisher, the move is also beneficial to the Sharks’ relationship to Southpoint Minor Hockey, and the organization hopes, will reverse their slip in attendance figures.

“We are able to work more hand in hand with Southpoint Minor hockey now, because of moving away from a school night,” added Fisher. “We will have Timbit games in the first intermission, have our local rep teams also playing prior to our games, which should add to our total attendance, which over the past three seasons was beginning to slip, even though we went to two out of the last three Great Lakes Championships.”

For their first Saturday night home game, the Sharks will play welcome to the Alvinston Flyers on Saturday, September 13.

Wheatley has re-signed 14 veterans from last season already, and could have up to 17 in their lineup when the season opens depending on Junior B camps.

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