Through Daniel’s Lens: Raising Havoc

The Kent Havoc's storage shed at Victoria Park with their logo on the doors

The Kent Havoc’s storage shed at Victoria Park with their logo on the doors

Saturday, September 27th 2014. It was a sunny afternoon with nothing but Blue Skies. I was off to my first photo shoot involving a locally famous team known as the Kent Havoc. Their specialty was a game I was already familiar with due to my coverage of the UCC Rugby Program. By the time I got to Victoria Park Field in behind the old CK Collegiate practice was well underway.

So I set to work snapping photos of the action. I could see that these guys loved what they did and let me tell you that theses guys were so nice to me and had a great sense of humor. The team that they were facing, The Western Mustangs were equally as skilled at their game and the havoc had a lot of great offense from what I could see.

After the team shot of the Havoc I departed Victoria Field with a smile on my face as I had achieved my 6th Team photo in both natural color and black and white schemes and the sense of humor of these players is something I will never forget

Photos From The Day’s Shoot:

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