CK Prospect Report: Chatham Maroons

Levi Tetrault - Chatham Maroons prospects

Levi Tetrault is one of three 1997-1998 Chatham Maroons prospects to watch this season – Photo by Helen Heath/ Chatham Maroons

The Chatham-Kent Prospect Report will look at players from local hockey programs, after viewings this season. Players to be reviewed must be 1997 birth year or younger.

This report is from viewing of the Chatham Maroons prospects from their, Sunday, October 5 game against the St. Marys Lincolns. We will add to these reports throughout the season as these young players progress.

Levi Tetrault

; – 1998 – Pain Court – A 4th round selection of the OHL’s Guelph Storm and signed by the team this offseason, Levi Tetrault is in an excellent spot to develop as the Chatham Maroons’ lone 16-year-old this season. Against St. Marys, Tetrault saw a regular shift, including killing penalties, and showed poise for his age. Captaining the Chatham-Kent Cyclones Minor Midget ‘AAA’ team last year, Tetrault appears to be a born leader. He was one of the few players audible on the ice, communicating with his teammates and defense partner during all situations. Positionally strong, Tetrault utilized his stick to separate players from the puck, taking away passing lanes, and engaging in a controlled manner. His first passes were crisp, and in the offensive zone, Tetrault made good decisions at the blueline, getting shots through to the net, or keeping the puck deep. He would benefit from becoming more physical, taking opportunities to lay the body, however, he remained effective by controlling opponents through stick and body positioning, and physicality will likely develop as the 16-year-old gains confidence at the Junior level.. As well, at the next level, Tetrault’s first steps in retreat or following his pivot need to be more urgent. His play definitely warrants his draft position, and with continued development, Tetrault will be ready for a midseason OHL audition, and full time duty next season.

Dede Cato

– 1997 – Chatham – After leaving the Junior A OJHL’s Toronto Patriots early this season, Cato landed with his hometown Chatham Maroons. Although many pondered the move, Cato is an impact player in Chatham. His skating remains sublime, and thankfully, the Maroons had Cato at his most natural position, defense, Sunday night. On the blueline, Cato is an offensive threat, joining the rush with speed and creating opportunities for himself and teammates. On multiple occasions Sunday, Cato would lead a rush into the offensive zone, and from a position deep in the oppositions end, would still be the first player back into his own zone, catching the Lincolns attacher due to his exceptional skating. One-on-one, Cato needs to however, should focus on solid positioning and containing his opponent, rather than banking on his wheels to catch opponents if he’s beat. Cato has the skating and offensive skills to make scouts drool, but now needs to provide the offensive numbers to match that potential. Often he is so fast, that he’s left without options and is forced to turn the puck over. Cato had one assist Sunday. Chatham’s coaching staff would be wise to utilize Cato as the weapon he is on their powerplay, which is currently dominated by the same five players on repeat. Cato did showcase he’s not simply on offensive player, by eating up key penalty kill minutes for the Maroons. Will he move on to the OHL or University hockey as he plans? Cato will need solid numbers this season to prove leaving the OJHL wasn’t a mistake, where his ascension would have been nearly guaranteed.

Hunter Burk

– 1997 – Blenheim – Burk is the rawest of Chatham’s 1997/1998 crop of players. After spending last season with Hill Academy, Burk jumped into the Maroons lineup as a depth player. Hidden behind Chatham’s veteran forwards, in a system that doesn’t often utilize players beyond the top two lines, Burk was able to make his presence known Sunday with a pair of quality scoring chances. He enters the corner with abandon, determined to make a hit, and as an energy line player, Burk is completing his role. Burk’s real area of improvement rests in his skating. Possessing good speed in a north-south direction, Burk was neutralized at times in tight due to his inability to effectively change directions on the fly, or in a stop and go situation. Physically strong, Burk will be an effective checker for the Maroons this season, and will undoubtedly chip in a few goals through his willingness to drive the net and go into tough areas. With this season to develop however, Burk looks like a younger prototype of Alex Morgan, who uses his body to create space and pick up points. Burk will be a contributor to the Maroons, and could continue to climb the hockey ladder if he works on his agility. Raw isn’t a negative; so although Burk is just that, he is oozing potential.

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