Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings: Week 6

Great Lakes Junior C - Dresden vs. Blenheim

The Dresden Kings were one of the biggest climbers, while the Blenheim Blades were the biggest faller in this week’s Great Lakes Junior C power rankings – Photo by Kelsey Vermeersch/

The biggest news in week 6’s Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings isn’t at the top, although the Dresden Kings made a significant move, the biggest move is at the bottom, where the Wallaceburg Lakers climbed out of the basement. Mark Hagerman lays it out in CKSN’s Week 5 Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings.

#1 EsEssex-73s-Logosex 73’s / Last week #1

Only one game this week against the Kings interupted the 73’s flow. These games help teams take another look at their systems and in the end will either compliment or bring change to team dynamics.
Record: 8-1-1-1

Dresden-Kings-Logo#2 Dresden Kings / Last week #4

Dresden is a team with an agenda, you cant help but admire the work both on and off the bench, player and coaching staff. The Kings are a team on the move not to be taken lightly by any opponent.
Record: 8-4-1-0

Amherstburg-Admirals-Logo#3 Amherstburgh Admirals / Last week #3

A win is a win no matter how you get it as heard many a time in the rink. The Admirals are a very talented team and that cant be questioned. Like a broken record I will state it again, when the Admirals focus on the job at hand and skate away from the nonsense, they are clearly a top team in the division.
Record: 8-4-0-0



#4 Lakeshore Canadiens / Last Week #5

A split this week only losing slightly to a very motivated Kings team is evidence that the Canadiens are growing into their socks. A youthful squad must look to
their vets for direction and develope the composure required to be a playoff team.
Record: 6-5-0-1

Wheatley-Sharks-Logo #5 Wheatley Sharks / Last week #6

Another busy week of learning in Wheatley ended on a high note at home against the Blades. A very composed Sharks team short of a few key players have discovered that
sixty minutes of hard work can bring down even the toughest of opponents.
Record: 6-6-0-2

Blenheim-Blades-Alternative-Logo #6 Blenheim Blades / Last week #2

The Blenheim slide will be taken in stride by a team that is learning that a playoff team is one where all lines contribute on a nightly basis. The Blades roster fluctuations as of late come up short in the win column but big in team developement.
Record: 7-4-0-0


#7 Alvinston Flyers / Last week #8

A very succcessful week has the Flyers nipping at the heels of the mid pack. Consistency will have this aggressive young team climbing the rankings as well as the standings in the very near future.
Record: 5-6-0-0


Wallaceburg-Lakers-Logo #8 Wallaceburg Lakers / Last week #9

The Lakers have made good use of the first season quarter. A fresh new team and start has them in good shape with room to grow. A split week coming up on the good side of the Sharks is proof positive that they can compete with anyone in the league.
Record: 2-7-0-1


Mooretown-Flags-Logo #9 Mooretown Flags / Last week #8

Change is coming in Mooretown. A new coach with new direction may be just what the Flags need to kickstart their season. Thirty games is more than enough hockey to plot a new course to the playoffs. All the best to Blake Morrison and his new team.
Record: 2-7-1-0



What do you think of this weeks Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below.

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