Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings: Week 11

Mooretown Flags

The Mooretown Flags couldn’t fight their way out of the leagues basement in this week’s edition of the Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings – Photo by Kesley Vermeersch/

Week 11 of the Junior C Great Lakes Hockey League schedule saw most teams stay put. In fact, with the exception of Dresden’s continued slow slide, it was status quo across the board. Mark Hagerman runs down the list in this weeks Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League Power Rankings.

#1 EsEssex-73s-Logosex 73’s / Last week #1

The 73’s collect six points without objection but give up two points to Alvinston in return for a reminder to never underestimate your opponent.
Record: 18-2-1-1


#2 Lakeshore Canadiens / Last Week #2

The Canadiens find success in Wallaceburg but are reminded by the Sharks that the playoffs are near.
Record: 14-7-0-1


Amherstburg-Admirals-Logo#3 Amherstburgh Admirals / Last week #3

The Admirals continue to find success in what appears to be a more diciplined direction in Amherstburg.
Record: 13-8-0-0



Wheatley-Sharks-Logo #4 Wheatley Sharks / Last week #6

The Sharks get straightened around with hard work and focus. Wheatley is always a threat at home or on the road
Record: 10-8-0-2


Blenheim-Blades-Alternative-Logo #5 Blenheim Blades / Last week #4

Blenheim continues to manipulate their roster to find the offensive punch of last year. A solid two period performance in Essex with 14 skaters is an indication of progress.
Record: 12-10-0-0



#6 Alvinston Flyers / Last week #7

In one game the Flyers have proven to themselves and the rest of the league that the divisional title is still very much up for grabs.
Record: 7-12-0-1


Dresden-Kings-Logo#7 Dresden Kings / Last week #6

The Kings have also continued to improve their roster. A deepening front end will help give them solid footing in the playoffs.
Record: 11-9-2-0


Wallaceburg-Lakers-Logo #8 Wallaceburg Lakers / Last week #9

Wallaceburg will have to work on their discipline, the system is as tough as any in the division but wont work when playing short handed.
Record: 5-12-0-3



Mooretown-Flags-Logo #9 Mooretown Flags / Last week #8

The Flags are a very good team for two periods, every game brings them closer to finishing the job. The second half of the season should see a tough battle for the final playoff spot.
Record: 5-14-1-0



What do you think of this weeks Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below.

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