Hill Wins MMA Debut

Alex Hill MMA

Alex Hill following his first MMA fight and win – Contributed Photo

This weekend, on January 24, two students from Gracie Barra Chatham fought at MMA for AFS1 (Amateur Fighting Series) in London, Ontario at Platinum Martial Arts.

Alex Hill of Gracie Barra Chatham going in 0-0 fought Rich Palmer of Platinum MMA at 125 lbs. The first round went back and forth with striking and a beautiful double leg takedown by Alex the round ended with Rich dedicated to a guillotine attempt. Second round started the same with striking going back and forth and Alex shooting for a takedown, there was a scramble and ended with Alex on top half guard with some solid ground and pound. The fight was stopped midway through the second round for a TKO victory for Alex.

Rob Alderton (1-1) of Gracie Barra Chatham faced off against Bruce Miano (0-0) of Open Mat MMA in Toronto at 155 lbs. The fight started out fast paced with lots of solid leg kicks landed by both men. Bruce shot in for a takedown getting Rob to the ground and pinned against the cage. The ref stopped the fight near the end of the first round with Bruce winning by TKO.

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