Go Kart Racing A Go At South Buxton Raceway

drew smith go kart racing south buxton

Drew Smith, who currently competes in South Buxton’s UMP Modifieds division, racing a go kart at the now closed Grand Bend dirt track – Photo from the SBR Kart Club Facebook page

The 2015 South Buxton Raceway season will be introducing a new racing class on a new night, as the Raceway will be featuring go kart racing on Wednesday nights.

Starting in May and running through September, South Buxton will launch their inaugural kart racing season, featuring racers aged 5- through 70-years-old, with 5 different competitive classes. Interest in the season has already drawn kart drivers from Chatham-Kent, but also stretching from London to Michigan, to register.

The idea of kart racing at South Buxton Raceway has been alive for years, but with the struggles at neighbouring 5150 Raceway in Tilbury, go kart fans, families, and track organizers decided now was the time to officially launch dirt track go kart racing at South Buxton.

According to competition committee member Jeff Dewael, it was simply a passion for go kart racing in the area that sparked plans for the 2015 season.

“A group of like minded racers, parents, and grandparents that saw a need for another racetrack for karts,” explained DeWael about how the South Buxton Raceway go kart plans got rolling. “Many of the families have been involved in racing for years. Many people have started in karts and progress up to cars.”

The go karts at South Buxton Raceway will share a 1/8 mile track with a clay base with the Raceway’s existing bombers class.

Races are expected to run each Wednesday night beginning at 6:30pm.

South Buxton’s go karts will go on display alongside cars from each of Buxton’s other divisions at their annual Downtown Chatham Centre Mall Show, which runs this year from March 19-22.

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