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Chatham Tennis

Colin Fife prepares to return a shot at the Chatham Tennis Club – Contributed Photo

On Sunday, May 17, the Chatham Tennis Club kicked off their Sunday Junior Tournaments with a singles event.

In Pre-Bronze division round robin tournament ended in a three way tie with 2 match wins each, Elliott Yong, Analise Legere and Jeanette Legere. Winner by games won was Elliott Yong with 10 games won, followed by Analise and Jeanette Legere both with 9 games and Nicholas Osland with 5 games won.

In Bronze division round robin tournament was won by Colin Fife winning all three matches, followed by Emma Hunter with 2 matches won and Martina Legere with 1 match. 4th place was JP Lemak

In evening play Silver division Ladies round robin play another 3 way tie with two matches each. Brooke MacLeod, Kirby MacKinnon and Olivia Hunter finished with a record of 2-1. Games won resulted in a tie for first with Brooke MacLeod and Kirby MacKinnon with 17 games won, followed by Olivia Hunter with 15 games and Courtney Legere with 6 games won. Overall winner was Kirby MacKinnon based on her score of 6-5 over Brooke MacLeod.

In Silver division boys play bracket tournament final matches were halted due to darkness and will be played this week. In the Championship final Jake Reid will play Nolan Thibert, in Consolation round Adrian Stubberfield will play brother Sebastian Stubberfield and in other play Tom Bondy will play Brendan Hunter and Simon Brecka vs Evan Quinlan.

The next tournament is a Junior / Senior tournament on Sunday, May 24th where the junior will play with a parent or older individual.

Contact Jay Salisbury at 519-350-5507 for Bronze and Pre-Bronze which begins play Sunday at 1:00 pm or Shelly Thibert at 519-401-1268 for Silver and Gold Division which starts at 6:30 pm

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