Cole Wins Gold

Tanner Cole of Wallaceburg

Tanner Cole of Wallaceburg

Wallaceburg Lacrosse product Tanner Cole has become Wallaceburg’s newest golden boy. Tanner told 99.1 CKXS and CK Sports Talk about winning gold at the Canadian Lacrosse Associations National Championship in Saskatoon with a 7-2 win over Team B.C. in the finals.

Cole was just 2 years old when he first started playing lacrosse. His father, Brad Cole, coached him when he was young and taught him to play and appreciate the game he loves.

Two years ago, Tanner tried out for this exact team. He didn’t make it. But that didn’t stop Cole, as he tell CK Sports Talk.

“I was cut first try-out. But I worked hard on my game and I didn’t quit.”

Local lacrosse mentor Jamie Knight told CK Sports Talk that he thought Tanner had a great tournament. Knight thought he was easily one of the top five best players in the tournament.

Cole, who beat the goalie 4 times and found the right teammate 7 times for a total of 11 points, spoke about how he think he played throughout the tournament.

“We played as a team. It didn’t matter who scored we just needed to get the win and bring home the gold,” spoke Tanner, “The teams out west are good. They are big, strong, and fast. I thought I had a good tournament. I knew I could play with them.”

Tanner and the Cole family would like to thank everyone who helped him throughout his journey.

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