South High School Tennis Champs Named

Darby Barnard and Nick Van Der Paelt

Darby Barnard and Nick Van Der Paelt of JMSS won the South Regional mixed doubles title – Contributed Photo

The LKSSAA South Regional Tennis championships were held Tuesday in Chatham, with winners from five different Chatham-Kent schools emerging.

In Boys Doubles Josh Ashby and Evan Thibert of CKSS defeated Connor Boyd and Jakob Wanger 8-0 to finish 1st. Alex Bernardi and Tyler Torrieri of UCC beat Ridgetown’s Carson McKinlay and Bernard Wierenga 8-4 to finish 3rd.

In Girls Doubles, John McGregor’s Taylor Kewley and Alison Rae deafeated CKSS’ Lauren Broeders and Sydney Sabourin 8-3 to finish 1st. UCC’s Madison Lalonde and Lauren Nicholson of UCC beat Ridgetown’s Adrianna Long and Val Gotelaer 8-4 for third.

Jake Reid of John McGregor beat schoolmate Ryan Baker 8-3 in the boys singles final. CKSS’ Logan Butler defeated Pain Court’s Jesse Green 8-3 for third.

In girls singles, Ridgetown’s Pauline Borremans edged CKSS’ 8-7 (8-6 in tiebreak) to finish 1st. Ceara Travis (JMSS) defeated Jade Lo from CKSS 8-4 to finish 3rd.

Finally, in Mixed Doubles, John McGregor’s Nick Van Der Paelt and Darby Barnard (JMSS) defeated UCC’s Cole McGregor and Renae Nevills 8-3 to take the title. Rachel Carleton and Josh Kewley of JMSS beat Rhea VanHelden and Chase Henry from CKSS 8-4 to finish 3rd.

The top 4 in each division qualify for LKSSAA on October 14 in Sarnia. SWOSSAA is scheduled for October 22.

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