Kovar’s Win Gold

Cobras Taekwondo ChathamCobra’s Taekwondo Training Centre had 3 athletes competing at the Sport Taekwondo Open on February 27 and 28th at Ryerson University in Toronto. This tournament was hosted by World Taekwondo and sanctioned by the Ontario Taekwondo Association.

Katey Kovar (8) wins 2 matches to finish with gold in the female 7-8 years old green belt division.

Keegan Kovar (10) was one of the most talked about athletes at this tournament and only being 10 years old. He put on a display of entertaining “old school” Taekwondo won both matches in his 10 and under black belt division for gold.

Keegan Kovar also moved up to the 11-12 years old age group also winning both matches for gold. Keegan also competed in 3 tag team matches 2 in his age group and 1 in the 11-12 age group. The first match in his own division he contributed 7 points of his teams 12-4 victory. In the second match he scored 5 points of his teams 15-11 loss. In the 11-12 tag team match he contributed 6 points to his teams score which ended 15-15 with the loss in overtime.

Maddux Beuckelare (7) competed in the 7-8 years old green belt/blue stripe category. He won 1 match and lost in finals for silver.

Cobra’s Taekwondo Training Centre is expanding and will be moving to 304 St. Clair Street, the lower level of the former Legion. Programs will begin at this new location April 2016.

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