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Dynasty Martial Arts Blenheim

A number of Blenheim karate athletes from Dynasty Martial Arts competed and medaled in London – Contributed Photo

On Sunday April 3rd, students of Dynasty Martial Arts in Blenheim and Sarnia traveled to London, to compete in the 2016 IMMAF Karate Championships. All the instructors are so proud of the effort and sportsmanship displayed at this event. This event had at least 300 competitors and the competition was tough.

Logan McLeod

Logan McLeod of Dynasty Martial Arts

Results as follows:

Andrew Locke – 2nd place fitness challenge, 3rd place weapons

Raymond Brush – 2nd place open weapons, 2nd place IMMAF weapons, 3rd place
Kenpo Forms

Khaya Calaiezzi – 3rd place weapons, 1st place sparring

Hanna Srokosz – 1st place kenpo forms, 2nd place IMMAF weapons, 1st self

Andrew Xiao – 1st place forms, 1st place IMMAF weapons, 2nd place sparring

Ethan Xiao – 1st place kenpo forms, 1st place IMMAF weapons, 3rd place

Logan McLeod – 2nd place IMMAF weapons, 3rd sparring

Scotty Burk – 1st place IMMAF weapons

Jake Elias – 2nd IMMAF weapons

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