Stricter Coaching Guidelines Mandated For High School Sports

Coaching LKSSAA

Coaches in “high risk” sports such as football, rugby, hockey, and track and field will require certification to coach for the first time this year – Photo by Dean Creechan

Coaches across the LKSSAA high school sports leagues will be more certified when it comes to high risk sports next season, after OFSAA and OPHEA mandated certification for all coaches in these sports.

The sports, including hockey, track and field, football, and rugby, will require all coaches to hold certification in those sports, to be eligible to coach, starting immediately.

“One big change will be in High Risk Sports. We are currently in the process of getting our coaches training required according to OPHEA and OFSAA,” said LKSSAA coordinator James Clarke when talking about the many changes happening with LKSSAA sports this year.

The move follows OPHEA’s, Ontario’s governing body for sports and physical education, recommendation to OFSAA.

Coaching requirements in these sports will be mandatory beginning this September.

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