Cougars Make Changes, Drop Varsity

The Chatham-Kent Cougars are making a major change to their offerings this coming season, as the organization has decided to drop their Varsity program for 2017.

“Chatham-Kent Cougars Football Club has decided to concentrate on our JV, Bantam and Peewee teams this Spring/Summer Travel team,” Cougars president Selwyn Jordan wrote CKSN.

“Our JV team has a strong group of players and coaches that are dedicated. We as a club have decided to concentrate on the JV team’s development this year. With JV success in 2017, will open the door for a return to Varsity football here in Chatham next year. With our strong Cougar Minor season, we believe we will have a very strong Bantam and Peewee travel team also. Our Cougar Bantam team might be one of the strongest teams Chatham-Kent has had in years.”

For the past two seasons, the Chatham-Kent Cougars Varsity team, a traditionally strong program, has struggled, winning only one game out of 16, which came via forfeit.

For now, Jordan and the Cougars hope interested players will make the trip to Sarnia to compete with the Sarnia Sturgeons Varsity program.

“Sarnia will be running a Varsity team,” said Jordan. “We will encourage Chatham-Kent players to play in Sarnia. And Chatham will support the Sarnia Varsity team with registration, coaching, and equipment needs.”

The Cougars also formally announced their Travel coaches for the 2017 football season. Coaching the Junior Varsity team will be Cesar Torres. At the Bantam level, Scott Barko has been named head coach, and coaching the Peewee Travel program will be first time Cougars head coach Joey Rabideau.

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