Local Irish Dancers Heading to World Championships

Cornell School of Irish dance students, Emma Howitt, Andrea Dick, and Graham Vandernaalt will be heading off to Dublin Ireland this April to compete in the very prestigious World Championships of Irish Dance. 

The students, ranging in age from 10 – 17, qualified at the recent Eastern Canadian Championship held in Toronto this past November.

Andrea and Graham placing 1st in the age categories and Emma placing 4th.

Only a small percentage of the best dancers in Canada qualify to attend the yearly World Championships overseas.

The students have been spending many hours a week in the studio preparing for the big competition which takes place from April 9th – 16th.

About the World Championships

The World Championships are both a celebration and a gathering.

It is a celebration of the beauty and athleticism of Irish Dance and the common Celtic heritage that binds the people of Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Australasia together, it is a gathering of an extended family of dancers, teachers, parents, official, friends and fans.

The gatherings promote the means of continuing and elevating to new standards the skill and artistry that are the heartbeat of Irish dance.

The Championships in Dublin 2017 will be a truly colourful festival, presenting all that is best in Irish Dancing through its international family.

(Submitted by Devon Cornell)

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