SWOSSAA Day One Results

James Muharrem

James Muharrem

The opening day of SWOSSAA track and field wrapped up with close to three dozen local athletes qualifying for OFSAA West Regionals next week in London. Several records were broken Wednesday, but with the windy conditions, the fast times on the track will not be officially recognized in the record books. SWOSSAA will continue tomorrow in Windsor.

James Muharrem of CKSS highlighted the day with a 110m hurdles record that did stand despite the wind.

Below are local competitors who qualified for the OFSAA West Regionals.

Junior Girls 400m dash

  • 1st, Sabourin, Payton, CKSS, 1:00.54
  • 3rd, VanGoethem, Kirsten, CKSS,1:03.46
  • 4th, McCarter, Megan, Wallaceburg, 1:03.77

2000m Steeplechase Senior Boys

  • 3rd, Tekhli, Thador, CKSS, 6:25.64
  • 5th McQuiggan, Austin, CKSS, 6:28.65

Midget Girls 400m dash

  • 4th Douma, Madeline, CKSS, 1:03.88

Junior Boys 400m dash

  • 3rd, Lachine, Aidan, Pain Court, 55.55

Senior Girls 400m dash

  • 1st, Oulds, Ally, CKSS, 57.92

Senior Boys 400m dash

  • 4th, Godfrey, Curtis, CKSS, 51.04

Midget Girls 80m hurdles

  • 1st, Blain, Camille, CKSS, 12.91
  • 3rd, Maine, Sophie, CKSS, 13.19
  • 5th, McPherson, Jessie, CKSS, 13.94

Senior boys 110m hurdles

  • 1st, Muharrem, James, CKSS, 14.49 – NEW SWOSSAA RECORD

Junior girls 100m dash

  • 2nd, Sabourin, Payton, CKSS, 12.46
  • 3rd, Anderson, Brooke, Ridgetown, 12.80

Junior boys 100m dash

  • 4th, Cartier, Jon, UCC, 11.43

Midget Girls 1500m

  • 3rd, Trinca, Anna, CKSS, 5:33.93
  • 5th, Tekhli, Nevin, CKSS, 5:43.37

Senior boys 1500m

  • 5th, Ross, Cameron, CKSS, 4:24.07

Midget Girls long jump

  • 3rd, Mackinnon, Kirby, CKSS, 4.81m
  • 5th, Sonneveld, Korinne, Blenheim, 4.58m

Senior girls high jump

  • 1st, Vlasmen, Sammi, UCC, 1.52m
  • 2nd, Kellier, Rayne, CKSS, J1.52m
  • 4th Deleary, Mattea, CKSS, J1.49m

Junior boys discus

  • 4th, Haight, Sam, CKSS, 39.42m

Midget girls shot put

  • 1st, Piatkowski, Abby, UCC, 10.42m
  • 5th, Kistulinec, Kristyn, Blenheim, 9.30m

Junior girls discus

  • 2nd, Stephens, Alison, CKSS, 30.52m
  • 5th, Natvik, Maia, Ridgetown, 24.55m

Senior girls javelin

  • 2nd, Kucera, Logan, CKSS, 38.37m
  • 3rd, Taylor-Noah, Kealy, Ridgetown, 36.49m
  • 4th Kucera, Jana, CKSS, 34.90m

Junior boys triple jump

  • 5th, MacDonald, Lars, CKSS, 11.64m

Senior girls triple jump

  • 2nd, Prins, Carolyn, Chatham Christian, 10.65m
  • 3rd, Nap, Amy, Wallaceburg, 10.25m
  • 4th, Jordan, Jessica, CKSS, 10.07m
  • 5th Webb, Alora, CKSS, 10.05m

Junior boys shot put

  • 2nd, Fischer, Camden, Wallaceburg, 13.93m

Senior boys discus

  • 2nd, Atkinson, Anthony, McGregor, 41.87m

Women’s 4x100m relay Junior girls

  • 2nd, CKSS ‘A’, 51.98 – Stephens, Alison – VanGoethem, Kirsten – Pugh, Chloe – ¬†Sabourin, Payton

Women’s 4x100m relay Senior girls

  • 4th, CKSS ‘A’, 51.28, – Dudley, Taryn – Oulds, Ally – Jacobs, Ayla – St. Pierre, Hannah

Men’s 4x100m relay senior boys

  • 4th, CKSS ‘A’, 45.49 – Douma, Tye – Godfrey, Curtis – Muharrem, James – Cumming, Kier
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