Chatham Ball Hockey Champions Crowned

The Chatham Ball Hockey League crowned their 2017 Divisional champions, with the OPG Oilers winning the Novice league, the OPG Sharks taking the Peewee/Atom league, and the Hawks winning the Bantam/Junior league.

Below are team photos, and rosters for each division champion.

Ball hockey in chatham

OPG Oilers – Novice Champions

Novice Division – OPG Oilers – Front Left to right –
Kaleb Groombridge. Second row – Jasmine Quirion, Landon Larouche, Mac Hind, Mya Summers, Tyler Griffiths, Zachary Summers, Holden Bruce. Third row – Jason Glasier, Jackson Jacques, Cohen Ovecka, IssacCook. Back – Coaches Brocklyn Jacques, Anthony Ceccacci.

Chatham Ball Hockey League

OPG Sharks – Peewee/Atom Champions

Peewee/Atom Division – OPG Sharks. Front Left to Right – Jayden Miller, Josh McGregor, Jon McGregor, Andrew Huys , Clark Manning , Carter McLeod , Faith Koning. Second Row – Kylan Casier , Ben Conlon, Keegan Cudney, Lucas Mathewson, Brady Bustin, Cameron Graham, Hunter Pelkey, Adam Gibson, Owen Caron. Back – Coach Chris Koning

Chatham Ball Hockey

Hawks – Bantam/Junior Champions

Bantam/Junior Division – Hawks. Front Left to Right – CJ Burgess. Second row – Cohen Richmond, Spencer Marcus, Nolan Ross, Bryce Fraser , Cody Hitchcock, Chase Squire-George. Third row – coach Dave Ross , Michael McFeat, Tristen Everitt, Drew Marlatt, Mathieu Hansen, Noah King, Thomas Michaud, Ryan Collins.

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