Local Wrestling Promotion Lands International TV Deal

Smash Wrestling has been picking up steam rapidly since it’s inception in 2012, culminating in the recent announcement of an international TV deal with The Fight Network.

The GTA-based independent wrestling promotion debuts on TFN this Thursday night at 10pm. Smash Wrestling will follow TNA (now Global Force Wrestling) Impact weekly, featuring the best talent from across the province, country and some of independent wrestling’s biggest stars. One of Canada’s premiere independent wrestling promotions, Smash Wrestling brings a unique blend of long-form storytelling that mixes the hottest independent wrestlers from all over the world with the Canadian superstars of tomorrow.

The Fight Network is a premiere combat sports and professional wrestling subscription channel available across most satellite and cable platforms. TFN is available internationally in over 30 countries with more than 30 million subscribers.

In a statement released online, Smash Wrestling officials reflected on the big news:

We are extremely proud and excited to announce our partnership with The Fight Network to show Smash Wrestling beginning July 20th at 10pm EST – following Impact Wrestling! This is a result of tireless hard work and dedication and a big step forward for us here at Smash Wrestling. Thank you to all of those that have supported us so far and helped grow and make Smash Wrestling what it is today. The most honest thing is that we wouldn’t be here without you. But the work isn’t over!

The debut of Smash programming on the Fight Network will showcase the immense talent Smash brings to the ring on every event. Thursday night’s episode will feature one of wrestling’s most popular and best female competitors, former TNA Knockouts Champion, Rosemary battling long-time Ontario Indy standout Sebastian Sauve. The infamous Smash GOLD Tournament will also be highlighted on The Fight Network, with one of Ontario’s most skilled professional wrestlers, Tarik meeting Lio Rush in first round action. Rush is now signed to a WWE developmental deal and formerly of Ring Of Honor and Combat Zone Wrestling.

Locally, Smash Wrestling has expanded it’s horizons, with events in London and Sarnia over recent months. The promotion has quickly gained a dedicated fanbase in both markets and will continue regular live events and TV tapings at both The London Music Hall and The Station Music Hall in Sarnia. Smash returns to Sarnia on September 30 and to London on October 1. Tickets and details can be found at http://smash-wrestling.com/

Smash Wrestling founder Sebastian Dastranj expressed his pride and gratitude on social media when The Fight Network announcement was made public:

A little over two years ago I asked what it would take to get Smash Wrestling on The Fight Network. It took a lot of hard work and commitment but we got there. I have no idea if people will find this a bit cheese and dramatic but its as real as real can get. The day that the deal was made, I met with my parents and hugged them as tight as I could. I was overhelmed with emotion because their little crazy wrestling kid did it and without sounding cliche, I 100% wouldn’t of done it without them.

Smash Wrestling will air a WEEKLY episodic program INTERNATIONALLY following IMPACT Wrestling (Thursdays at 10pm) on a program featuring IMPACT Wrestling stars, some of the world’s finest from across the globe and of course Smash Wrestling’s best! I leave you all with the same message I often press… if you are ever at a Smash Wrestling show thank every staff member you come across. They do more than play music, announce, set up a ring or stand as security. They are the backbone of many great Smash Wrestling accomplishments of the past and without a doubt the backbone of more to come.

To read the full press release from The Fight Network, CLICK HERE.

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