Maroons 2017-18 Schedule Released

The Chatham Maroons have released their schedule for the coming 2017-18 GOJHL season.

The Maroons kick off the year with their home opener against Komoka on Sunday, September 17th.

Sun 17-Sep-17 KOMOKA CHATHAM 19:00
Wed 20-Sep-17 CHATHAM LASALLE 19:00
Sun 24-Sep-17 LEAMINGTON CHATHAM 19:00
Wed 27-Sep-17 CHATHAM LONDON 19:30
Fri 29-Sep-17 CHATHAM ST THOMAS 19:30
Sun 1-Oct-17 ST MARYS CHATHAM 19:00
Sat 7-Oct-17 CHATHAM KOMOKA 19:15
Sun 8-Oct-17 LONDON CHATHAM 19:00
Thur 12-Oct-17 CHATHAM SARNIA 19:10
Sun 15-Oct-17 STRATHROY CHATHAM 19:00
Thur 19-Oct-17 CHATHAM LEAMINGTON 19:10
Sun 22-Oct-17 LASALLE CHATHAM 19:00
Fri 27-Oct-17 CHATHAM ST MARYS 19:30
Sun 29-Oct-17 ST THOMAS CHATHAM 19:00
Sat 4-Nov-17 CHATHAM STRATHROY 19:30
Sun 5-Nov-17 ST THOMAS CHATHAM 19:00
Wed 8-Nov-17 CHATHAM LASALLE 19:00
Sun 12-Nov-17 LEAMINGTON CHATHAM 19:00
Sun 19-Nov-17 SARNIA CHATHAM 19:00
Wed 22-Nov-17 CHATHAM LONDON 19:30
Sun 26-Nov-17 ST MARYS CHATHAM 19:00
Thur 30-Nov-17 CHATHAM SARNIA 19:10
Sat 23-Dec-17  CHATHAM KOMOKA 19:15
Sun 3-Dec-17 STRATHROY CHATHAM 19:00
Wed 6-Dec-17 CHATHAM LASALLE 19:00
Sat 9-Dec-17 CHATHAM STRATHROY 19:30
Sun 10-Dec-17 LASALLE CHATHAM 19:00
Thur 14-Dec-17 CHATHAM LEAMINGTON 19:10
Sun 17-Dec-17 SARNIA CHATHAM 16:00
Thur 21-Dec-17 STRATHROY CHATHAM 19:00
Thur 4-Jan-18 CHATHAM LEAMINGTON 19:10
Sat 6-Jan-18 CHATHAM STRATHROY 19:30
Sun 7-Jan-18 LONDON CHATHAM 19:00
Fri 12-Jan-18 CHATHAM ST THOMAS 19:30
Sun 14-Jan-18 KOMOKA CHATHAM 19:00
Sun 21-Jan-18 SARNIA CHATHAM 19:00
Wed 24-Jan-18 CHATHAM LONDON 19:30
Fri 26-Jan-18 CHATHAM ST MARYS 19:30
Sun 28-Jan-18 LEAMINGTON CHATHAM 19:00
Thur 1-Feb-18 ST THOMAS CHATHAM 19:00
Sat 3-Feb-18 CHATHAM KOMOKA 19:15
Thur 8-Feb-18 ST MARYS CHATHAM 19:00
Sun 11-Feb-18 KOMOKA CHATHAM 19:00
Fri 16-Feb-18 CHATHAM ST THOMAS 19:30
Sun 18-Feb-18 LASALLE CHATHAM 19:00
Mon 19-Feb-18 CHATHAM ST MARYS 14:00
Thur 22-Feb-18 CHATHAM SARNIA 19:10
Sun 25-Feb-18 LONDON CHATHAM 19:00
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