Soccer Field House Under Construction

Construction has begun on a new soccer field house in Chatham.

Photo courtesy of Robyn Brady.

Located behind the Health and Family Services building on Lark Street, the facility will eventually provide fully accessible washrooms, a canteen, and storage for the Chatham Youth Soccer Association.

The canteen will be operated by Community Living Chatham-Kent as part of their skills training program.

For players and fans, the washroom will be a welcome change. Until now, the public has only had a pair of port-a-potties at their disposal.

“The facility provides a service to 1,250 boys and girls weekly,” said Martin Aarts, the Administrative Director of CYSA. “Up to 800 players and spectators can attend on a soccer night.”

The $420,000 project received contributions of $75,000 and $35,000 from the Chatham Youth Soccer Association and the Public Health Unit respectively.

It’s expected the building will be open by next spring, in time for the soccer season.


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