Brett Brochu Up To Any Challenge Entering First OHL Camp

Brett Brochu

Brett Brochu makes a stop for the Chatham-Kent Cyclones – Photo by Kelsey Vermeersch/

When the OHL Draft started calling names this year, there was no guarantee Tilbury’s Brett Brochu would be among the 300 players picked.

After all, he was playing for a team who didn’t go deep in the playoffs, and he is undersized for a goaltender by modern standards.

The London Knights however, the most storied and successful of OHL franchises, saw everything they needed in the 5’7″ Chatham-Kent Cyclones netminder, including big potential, and they scooped him up in round 6, 114th overall, a level in the draft reserved for players their OHL teams see in the league sooner rather than later.

“The draft is always a suspenseful day because it’s all an uncertainty,” said Brochu of waiting to hear his name called. “I was beyond thankful to be drafted by the London Knights knowing how phenomenal their organization is and their great coaching staff.”

Described as quick and competitive, Brochu, who attends Ecole Secondaire de Pain Court carried the Minor Midget ‘AAA’ Cyclones this season, playing roughly 80% of their games, keeping them closer than perhaps they deserved to be against difficult competition. The workload however, turned out to be a good thing, as Brochu was scouted more often, and felt his team’s confidence in him.

“The workload I was brought on to was something I was looking forward to,” said Brochu of his busy season. “I love playing and I love to win.”

“The playing time I received helped in the draft because I was able to show my capabilities against all teams. I love being challenged and will never back down from one, the bigger the better.”

Now, Brochu will look to leave Minor Hockey behind, and make the jump to Junior hockey. To do so, he knows the expectations, he knows the challenges, and he plans to continue to play to his strengths.

“I believe my style would be considered to be quick and reactive, but coming to the next level all goalies have great talent, the thing that separates them is compete and work ethic in my mind. Both my parents and family members all work their tails off every day, they showed me that work ethic is key; there’s not a second in the crease that I’m not going full tilt.”

That competitive nature was key to the Cyclones’ team success, and Brochu’s personal achievements this season. He believes he’s mentally ready to take the next step, and that challenge will begin immediately, as the Knights hold their spring camp this month.

“I’m exited for the camp next weekend. Making a jump to junior is something that would excel my game tremendously,” says Brochu. “I’m looking forward to winning with a great team like London.”

That confidence has taken Brochu to this point, but he’s not unrealistic either, knowing there is still much work to do. To achieve his dreams, that is work Brett Brochu is willing to complete.

“I do know what it takes to make it to the next level. Work ethic and compete is something that is brought upon starting in off-ice training, to practice, and ending in games. I believe my game can be improved much more starting at speed and going all the way to my positioning,” Brochu said.

“Going to the next level is a challenge that I’m exited for. My game has lots of parts that can be improved, but isn’t there always?”

With that growth mindset, Brett Brochu is looking to live up to the potential the London Knights, and many others saw this season.

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