What’s Next For Seth Griffith?

Seth Griffith of Wallaceburg isn’t in the league he’d like to be. Griffith did play 21 games at the NHL level this season, and has played 79 career NHL games, putting up 19 career points.

He’s still however, now age 25, stuck as an elite AHL player, who has not found his fit at the NHL level. As some might say, he’s a dreaded ‘AAAA’ player…too good for the AHL, but not able to stick in the NHL.

With the Rochester Americans this season, Griffith is scoring at roughly a point-per-game. He also passed his 300th regular season career professional game, all spent in the AHL or NHL this year.

But for a player who has competed with four NHL teams, and three AHL teams in five seasons, it might be time for a change.

So what is next for the scoring pro, who is currently finishing a one-year contract with the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres?

If you look at other players who have followed his path, the KHL could be an option for next season, and although it’s not a highly discussed point, Griffith was a 2nd round pick of Jokerit, a Finnish team in the KHL in the 2016 KHL Draft.

The KHL is filled with players of Griffith’s calibre, who have similar NHL experience. Top players in the league still make NHL-esque salaries, and the ability to move back to the NHL exists.

This year, the KHL was the main supplier of Olympic athletes, as it is considered the second best league in the world, behind only the NHL.

Griffith could still end up in an NHL jersey, and the Buffalo Sabres could use his scoring, but if it doesn’t happen next year, it may be time for a change for the talented scorer.

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    Lee Marshall 1 year

    Surely someone has explained to Seth where his game needs some tweaking. S’up to him to make it happen. No? Who else?