St Clair Suspends Curling, Badminton

The St. Clair College Department of Athletics has made the decision to suspend its Varsity Curling and Badminton programs for the 2018-19 season. 

The Athletic department notified the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association at last week’s Annual General Meetings, and released a statement on the Saints’ website.

Over the next year St. Clair College will take the time to examine the future direction and mix of its varsity sport offerings.  This study will cover the competitiveness, long term financial viability and recruitment of top level student-athletes for each varsity team.

College officails say then, they will reconsider if curling and badminton can be reintroduced.

All scholarships committed to the current rosters in Curling and Badminton will be guaranteed.  St. Clair will also be expanding its intramural and extramural programming in these two sports.

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