Amy Ramsden Dalton: CK Election & Sports Interview

Below are the CK Election and Sports interview responses for Ward 2, Charing Cross council candidate Amy Ramsden Dalton. Remember to Vote October 22.

Name: Amy Ramsden Dalton

Hometown: Charing Cross, Ward: 2

I and my family have been very fortunate to be involved in the sports section of Chatham Kent for many years. Our family owned a business that made sportswear and sponsor local sports teams for many years. I was witness to the many dedicated coaches and parents who did fund raisers for uniforms and how much the kids and their teams really meant to them. Not much of an athlete myself in the traditional sense for many years, but my children were privileged to be able to participate in many varied athletic activities at different levels. It was certainly an important part of life to learn team work.

Sports and recreation are a vital part of our over all community for all ages and abilities. Whether it is organized sports, walking or swinging at the park. The municipality is also addressing accessibility issues whether financial or physical that more people will have the opportunity to participate . This will be a benefit and a drawing card to our varied population. In CK we also have so many great outdoor activities and proximity to clean beaches and waterways, I think the buses were and are a great idea!!

As for the new arena, I would have to say at this time it is more of a want than a need. Small towns and communities within Chatham Kent are hanging on and saving their arena’s. These facilities are part of our individual identity. Many hockey associations are amalgamating at present to hold on now. With a declining youth population at present this would in my opinion not be a wise choice. That said, if my constituents in Ward 2 were adamantly behind it I would look at all options.

Our emphasis on recreation and tourist industries will be a major asset to attract and bring newcomers to the area which is needed across Chatham Kent. We have many great things to offer here, Health and Wellness Expos , beautiful YMCA and on the ground level many fitness programs for every age and fitness level. I myself am a certified Zumba instructor and currently volunteer 2-3 hours per week at the Active Lifestyle Center, have classes in Blenheim , golf in the Ladies League at Willowridge and am a member of Lifestyle by Design. (decided to be a joiner a little later in life).I have witnessed first hand how important these activities improve not just your health but an overall sense of well being and making enjoyable where you live.

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