GOJHL Drops Showcase From Regular Season As Squabble Continues

Amidst an ongoing conflict between the GOJHL, and a group known as the GOJHL Inc, the 2018-2019 GOJHL Showcase has been dropped from the regular season schedule.

Only 18 of the league’s 25 teams opted to participate in the annual GOJHL Showcase causing scheduling issues.

The GOJHL’s regular season will now be dropped to 48 games, removing the 2 games teams traditionally played at the Showcase.

The conflict which exists, pegs a reported 15 teams versus another 10 teams in the ‘former’ GOJHL, with both groups looking to move in different directions.

Although it is expected all 25 teams will continue this season and play as one league, it appears a continued battle is looming between the two groups within the league.

The GOJHL has filed for Junior A classification multiple times, and various teams have tried to leave as well.

The OHA will rule on an appeal by the group soon.

Locally, the Chatham Maroons will now open their 2018-2019 GOJHL season September 16 against the Strathroy Rockets at home for a 7:00pm puck drop at Memorial Arena.

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