Brock McGregor: CK Election & Sports Interview

Below are the Chatham-Kent Election & Sports Interview responses for Chatham, Ward 6 council candidate Brock McGregor. Remember to vote October 22!

Name: Brock McGregor

Hometown and Ward: Chatham – Ward 6

What’s your sports/recreation background?

Having three kids, I’ve coached minor baseball, ball hockey, and minor hockey. Recently our toddler has been taking gymnastics and swimming lessons. I grew up playing minor hockey in Dresden, as well as high school football and hockey at CKSS. Currently I play men’s hockey in Blenheim and Chatham, and co-ed slow pitch. With a young family we stay very active, including lots of outdoor time at local parks and walking trails. Professionally I frequently offer sponsorship to local fun-runs, golf tournaments, and charity hockey games.

What are your thoughts, or what value do you place in sports and recreation for the citizens of Chatham-Kent overall, and/or when showcasing Chatham-Kent to newcomers?

Quality of life is an important aspect of resident attraction and retention. Chatham-Kent needs to be competitive with other municipalities with respect to recreational infrastructure and sporting opportunities. Community health is vitally important to maintaining a sustainable, resilient community. Residents require active transportation options, green space, and well maintained sports facilities to facilitate healthy living.

One of the hot topics leading up to the election, and over the past decade has been a new twin pad arena for Chatham-Kent. Where do you stand on this? What thoughts do you have?

Our current arena infrastructure is aging and sub-standard. It is clear it is time for replacement. A new twin pad arena would reduce long term operating costs and finally make Chatham-Kent able to compete with other communities that have had the opportunity to renew facilities already. Any replacement is contingent on securing funding from provincial and federal parties. The municipality must have a plan in place to take advantage of any funding announcements.

Do you have any other ideas or plans that would impact health, wellness, sports, or recreation in Chatham-Kent, and specifically in your Ward?

Chatham-Kent needs to continue to invest in active transportation infrastructure. This includes identifying high needs areas to install and fix sidewalks, as well as connecting cycling infrastructure to allow individuals to safely travel throughout the urban centres. Infrastructure projects need to take into account optimization for vehicular traffic flow as well as promotion of safe pedestrian and cycling opportunities. Green spaces containing accessible recreational equipment are important, and partnerships with community groups, public health, and private organizations to maximize use of funding for projects is crucial.

Anything else you’d like to tell our readers and voters?

Long-term, sustainable planning needs to be a priority in our municipality. Whether it is road infrastructure, bridges, or recreational facilities – smart, strategic choices today will have impacts for decades. In the past 4 years on council I have been committed to moving forward with support for recreational facility renewal, and we need to be prepared to partner with provincial and federal governments to finally see upgrades in Chatham-Kent.

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