Doug Sulman: CK Election & Sports Interview

Below are the responses to our CK Election and Sports interview from Chatham, Ward 6 candidate Doug Sulman. Remember to vote October 22.

Name: Doug Sulman

Ward and Hometown: Chatham- Ward 6

I have been active in sports and recreation all my life. In high school I was on the varsity football, basketball, volleyball and golf teams, and starting at 10 years old I played minor baseball., and squash and tennis at university As an adult, I‘ve been the manager of a travel hockey team, coach of a travel ball hockey team, and a parent and fan of 2 boys who played travel and junior hockey and a daughter who figure skated competitively and played travel soccer. I still ski in the winter and play golf as much as possible. I’ve had to give up my tennis, squash, and running as a result of injuries.

Participation in team sports teaches values that are important in life, your career and generally dealing with people. It can also be the source of lifelong friends. However all recreational activities even walking the family dog are important to a healthy lifestyle.

I have been a leader in developing and growing, the greenbelt trails along city creeks, the court house soccer fields, and the expenditures to maintain and improve Memorial arena and got the parking lot there paved ,at long last. I was also the President of the Rotary club so intimately involved in the Rotary Park baseball facility.

With respect to a twin ice pad , it should have been built in 2006 adjacent to Thames Campus arena as that arena has a compressor designed for a twin pad. I was unhappy that did not occur as the community would have already had 12 years of use and the price was far lower then. Now we are at the stage where a there will be a detailed report coming to council in 2019 including examining all the many issues , including projected usage, size required, location, financing, effect on existing arenas and other recreational facilities, etc. and until that thorough report comes back with all the facts no decision can be made. Not matter what the size or location any such project will require funding from all 3 levels of government. This is not a simple issue at all; it is a large expenditure; the largest in a generation in this community.

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