Robert Salvatore Powers: CK Election & Sports Interview

Below are the Chatham-Kent Election and Sports interview responses for Chatham-Kent mayoral candidate Robert Salvatore Powers. Remember to vote October 22!

The Navistar site has been stagnant for far too long. My vision for the site includes expanded
recreational facilities and an integrated transportation hub that can serve as a bridge between our
road, rail and bus infrastructure. I also want to recognize the history of that location. I want to
include a Park to memorialize Canadian workers who have been injured or killed on the job and
to commemorate the brave women and men of the Navistar plant who fought so hard and so long
for justice. This is our history and we need to always remember it as a community.

I believe Chatham-Kent needs more recreational sports infrastructure. We have an opportunity to
work with our partners in other levels of Government to increase our arena capacity. It would be
a missed opportunity to merely relocate two arenas we already have. After redeveloping the
Navistar site our home town deserves more recreational amenities. I especially want to ensure
that women and girls are afforded every opportunity to participate in our local sports and
recreational infrastructure. Sports are something everyone should take part in, they help us to
grow together as a community and to develop character as individuals. What happened in
Ridgetown this past December to that girl’s hockey team should never happen again. Women
and men both deserve to be able to utilize changing rooms in our arenas to prepare for their
competition or practice in a safe and dignified way.

We must also keep in mind how much money the Municipality spent developing the Bradley
Convention centre just across the road, we need to compliment that venue not build a new one to
compete against it. Our entire community needs more recreational amenities and as Mayor I will
work to foster a safe, active and engaged community for all of my fellow citizens. I desire more
connected and integrated green space, parks and walkways.

I grew up right here in Chatham-Kent my background in sports and recreation is one of an
appreciative participant. As a child I played ball hockey, soccer and baseball on several different
teams. In secondary school I participated in track and field (shot put), wrestling and I played
football as an offensive and defensive tackle. Sports and recreation help energize and connect
our community. I gained a sense of connection and an appreciate of what it means to be a part of
team while on the field; everyone has their responsibility, everyone is working towards the same
goal, and we can respect our opponents who are just like us except on the other side of the field.
I am grateful at the opportunity to share my vision and dreams for the people in my home town
of Chatham-Kent. Thank you, and please vote Robert Salvatore Powers for Mayor on October
22, 2018.

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