Municipality Looking For Arena Input, Complete Survey Here

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is looking for input into the possible closure or repurposing of Memorial Arena and Erickson Arena in Chatham, and the potential construction of a new arena complex.


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    Lyle 7 months

    A new 3 pad ice surface with other recreational services. Rec center swimming pool and community center complex. ( look at other facilities re lakeshore)
    Close erickson and memorial

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      Bob Christie 7 months

      I am thinking that our area could benefit from a better Arena as our surrounding communities like Lakeshore and Leamington offer a much wider selection of services to their constituents. I believe a cost benefit analysis should show that replacing aging infrastructure should be a prudent move! Let’s go for it!

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    John Drewery 6 months

    The order of operations should be as follows:

    1. Attract higher-paying employers to the area to replace jobs lost over the years from key players like Navistar, Continental, and eventually Enbridge Gas. 

    2. Attract new younger residents with families to support the new positions attained in step 1 and ultimately pay their fair share of our ridiculous tax rate to help fund this proposed complex. 

    Our current declining and aging population cannot and should not be held responsible for funding this project at this point in time. While agree that it would be fantastic to have such a facility in our community, there are other things that need to be addressed first before we consider this.