Wallaceburg Lakers Looking To Move To Tilbury

Wallaceburg Lakers moving to Tilbury

The Wallaceburg Lakers are looking to relocate to Tilbury, Ontario – Photo by Kesley Vermeersch/ CKSN.ca

Rumours have been swirling the local Junior hockey scene over recent months that the Wallaceburg Lakers could be looking to move their Junior C team to Tilbury. It appears however, these are no longer rumours.

Wallaceburg Lakers management and ownership confirmed Sunday at a PJHL Stobbs Division league meeting that they are hoping to move the team to Tilbury, Ontario, with sources stating the Lakers claim to have applied to the Ontario Hockey Association for this move. The Lakers later refuted this claim to other media outlets.

The Wallaceburg Lakers have refused comment to CKSN regarding any possible relocation.

Multiple sources present at the meeting confirmed Lakers management’s desire to leave Wallaceburg, and move the team to Tilbury.

While approval of such a move is not guaranteed, and typically involves a league vote, the wheels are now in motion for Wallaceburg to relocate.

CKSN reached out to the OHA, but has yet to receive a response.

The last attempted move came when the Alvinston Flyers moved to Petrolia two years ago, and before that when the Kingsville Comets were looking for a home, which eventually resulted in Amherstburg gaining a team.

Tilbury was last home to Junior C hockey in 1994. The Tilbury Hawks were Great Lakes Junior C champions in 1993, but we’re forced to leave town a year later following a hazing scandal resulting in hundreds of criminal charges being laid.

Wallaceburg finished last in the PJHL Stobbs Division this year with a 1-37-0-2 record.

The Wallaceburg Lakers were founded in 1972, playing their entire existence in the community. They won their lone league title in 1999, and were regular season champions in 2010-2011.

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    Dr3440 4 years


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    El_Degro 4 years

    Saying Tilbury had all those charges is garbage. Those charges were against the people that came with the team from Walpole. They are the ones that ruined it for Tilbury.

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    Aaron 2 years

    Actually, the trainer ruined it for everybody. However, the real beneficiaries were the team I played for, the Belle River Canadians. We got Ryan Blondia and Billy Cosgrave out of the deal. So, thanks Tilbury ! Oh and you gotta love marshmallows !!!