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International Women's Day 2019

Kelsey Vermeersch captures a young female hockey fan at Thursday’s Chatham Maroons game – Photo by Kesley Vermeersch/

If you’ve seen a hockey action photo on CKSN over the last several years, there is a good chance Blenheim’s Kelsey Vermeersch was behind the .

She has been shooting GOJHL and PJHL hockey, as well as special events since CKSN just had our training wheels on.

Despite her evident talent, Kesley has existed, and excelled among a male dominated sports photography since entering the field

“I’m surrounded by men all the time in this industry,” Vermeersch said. “It makes it hard, being a woman I can’t just get “those shots” sometimes. The heart felt shots. I’m really thankful that all of the men I work with in our area push me to do what I love, a few gentlemen have opened many doors for me. What started as just a hobby with the Blades 5 years ago has now turned into something big for me. I have bonds with the players, to the coaches and even higher up executive that I wouldn’t have had before. I hope that this could one day become a full time career for me. This is where my heart is.”

You can see Vermeersch’s passion for hockey, and sports photography in every crystal clear image she shoots.

At the same time, accompanying Vermeersch to many hockey games, Kelsey is acting as a role model for, and inspiring her daughter Piper to love both hockey, and photography.

“We come from a very sports loving family,” she said. “I take Piper with me every chance I get. Most players, parents, fans know her by name. She loves the atmosphere at the arenas and even has her favourite players. She sees the respect the people I work and do this for give me. It’s a part of her life and I hope that when she’s older she will pursue all the sporting events she possibly can. And maybe one day she’ll want to be like me,” added Vermeersch about her daughter Piper, who she says also loves taking photos.

“I feel it’s in her blood. Her dad is an avid hockey player, and she has so many woman in this industry to look up to.”

For Vermeersch, sports photography, and capturing that moment, are what she wants to achieve. It is her passion.

“Athletics will always have a huge place in my heart. I’ve never felt more rewarded by a career than I have being a sports photographer. It really is a dream job, and I’m so lucky to be able to say I love what I do.”

Happy International Women’s Day from the Chatham-Kent Sports Network. #InternationalWomensDay

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    Julie Chambers 2 months

    And she can sing! What a talented young woman!